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A. THE PERFECT MASK™  is a BIO-ACTIVE  COSMETIC TREATMENT that provides an innovative and healthy alternative to most skincare treatments on the market. It is a highly versatile treatment  that enhances the regeneration process of the skin cells by synchronizing a person’s natural cell turnover cycle and restoring an accelerated cell turnover for more youthful, vibrant skin.

Q. Can THE PERFECT MASK™ be combined with any other treatment modalities or procedures?

A. No, in order to achieve the desired results, it is imperative for the BIO-ACTIVE COSMETIC TREATMENT to take place without intervention by or interaction with any other modalities or procedures.

Q. Why is the treatment called THE PERFECT MASK™?

A. THE PERFECT MASK™ treatment will restore skin’s youthful glow, creating a flawless-looking complexion in a safe, painless mask that respects the skin’s integrity without breaking it down as with many of today’s micro-injury techniques. It is the perfect cocktail of ingredients to create as-close-to-perfect skin as possible.


A. PLCENTX-FORTE® is a lyophilized extract of high quality ovine placental and umbilical cord tissue collected immediately after the birth of select New Zealand sheep. This unique cache of premium skin nutrients is highly concentrated with potent bio-actives.
PLCENTX-FORTE® is cryogenically processed using state-of-the-art micro-lyophilization techniques and our proprietary technology, representing the most potent and stable placental and umbilical cord tissue extract ever produced. There are literally hundreds of thousands of scientific papers attesting to sheep placental and umbilical cord extract’s ability to treat immune disorders, inflammation, pain and more. Now, these healing and nurturing qualities are available to treat the skin.

Q. Why sheep? Why don’t you use human placenta and umbilical cord tissue?

A. Sheep have strong immune systems and demonstrate natural resistance to many diseases. But more importantly, studies have shown that the proteins found in specialized sheep cells are particularly compatible with the ones found in humans.

Unlike the somatic foreign cells, the placenta and umbilical cord adult (post-birth) stem cells don’t cause dangerous autoimmune reactions. And unlike plant stem cells (it’s a plant…and mammals are not plants!), sheep placenta and umbilical cord stem cells bear a likeness more closely akin to human cells.

We also use sheep placenta out of pure ethics and of a purity of the stem cells lines verified by the detailed records. Many people would simply refuse to even consider using human placenta and umbilical cord stem cells (rightfully so!). Because the sheep placenta we use is obtained after the lamb’s birth, cultivation is completely harmless to the animal; no animal was hurt or harmed.

Q. How are the sheep raised and is THE PERFECT MASK™ a cruelty-free product?

A. THE PERFECT MASK™ is indeed a cruelty-free product. The sheep are raised on animal-friendly farms in New Zealand, a country rife with natural beauty and well known for its strong focus on animal welfare. The extensive pastoral farming systems used by New Zealand farmers make animal welfare a priority. Because there is no need to house the animals for long periods, their freedom of movement is rarely restricted, and they live a more natural life than livestock in other countries. The placental and umbilical cord tissue is collected immediately after a natural delivery. Neither the mother nor lamb are hurt or harmed in any way. New Zealand law also requires that each of these farms have a full-time veterinary staff to care for the animals.

Q. Does THE PERFECT MASK™ contain any drugs?

A. There are no drugs or synthetic products of any kind in The Perfect Mask™. All of the ingredients in THE PERFECT MASK™ are 100% Natural and very proven for their cosmeceutical properties. All of the ingredients are listed in the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients and serve a cosmetic purpose. THE PERFECT MASK™ is 100% natural.

Q. Is THE PERFECT MASK™ an FDA-approved procedure?

A. THE PERFECT MASK™ is a cosmetic treatment, and as all professional cosmetic treatments, THE PERFECT MASK™ should be administrated only by a licensed cosmetic professional in a professional setting. Cosmetic treatments are not cleared or approved by the FDA. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the cosmetic products used in these treatments to guarantee their safety and verifiably substantiate their claims to be an accurate and truthful. The ingredients in THE PERFECT MASK™ have been thoroughly tested by reputable, independent research laboratories.
THE PERFECT MASK™ has never been tested on animals!

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