For the woman who has been victimized by domestic violence, or the cancer patient who has had to endure the harsh effects of chemotherapy, or the veteran who has known what it is to feel the agonizing separation from her loved ones, THE PERFECT MASK™ offers some hope.

In association with the manufacturers of THE PERFECT MASK™, PROJECT HOPE is bringing the world’s most healing, therapeutic skincare treatment, THE PERFECT MASK™, to those women who need a bright reminder that there are people who care. Whether it’s a financial crisis, domestic violence or a catastrophic event that they are experiencing, these women will receive a free THE PERFECT MASK™ BIO-ACTIVE COSMETIC TREATMENT administered with the help of a caring network of volunteer skincare professionals everywhere.

The manufacturers of THE PERFECT MASK™ are on a mission to replace the hopelessness with hope and the tears with smiles, if only for one day to help these women like what they see when they look in the mirror.

The free treatments are being offered at the Cancer Centers of America, houses of worship and outreach centers across the nation, where guests receive a complimentary THE PERFECT MASK™ treatment, a serum in mask form comprised of a signature blend of PLCENTX-FORTE®, sheep-derived placenta and umbilical cord extract; caviar oil; pure gold powder; and plant collagen. This concentrated cocktail of premium ingredients recharges dull skin with a natural, toxic-free, alchemic arrangement of sustainable stem cells, real gold and other nutrients that dramatically tones, brightens, soothes, nourishes and hydrates the skin.

Skincare professionals interested in helping should contact THE PERFECT MASK™ at smile@theperfectmask.com. It is a noble cause to bring a glimpse of hope in the form of smile to a person in need. Please help us spread the hope.

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